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The band was formed from the remnants of a " gigging band" in 2001,when Harry Godwin (Guitar / Vocals) joined long-time"partners in-crime"Kent Godwin (Guitar /Vocals) view band pics here Paul Fleming (Bass / Vocals), and Mike Ware (Drums / Vocals). Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws played many gigs in and around the West of England hailing from the Bath area, notable gigs were a memorable charity gig at The Pavilion, Bath in February 2002 when a full house turned out to watch several legendary Bath bands, including The Revolution, play to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis charities. Between 2002 and 2004 they releasedseveral singles, a "Live " cd, and then the self written " FISHTAILS "cd in 2004,which has just been remixed, remastered, and re-released in 2015, as "FISHTAILS RETOLD ".This features some outstanding songs from Harry Godwin, who is not only an accomplished guitar player but also a very creative songwriter. He later went on to play in Baby Jesus Foetus Eaters (Look out for hier sexcellent single 'BENEDICTION) and more recently metal band Axeattack. There are two videos associated with Fishtails Album. Both filmed in Bath. The first one, Doctor Dick, is a pastiche of the popular Tv program Diagnosis Murder. The song was written by Harry Godwin and the story board inspired by the lyrics. The video stars American actress Leslie Love Kidd as Doctor Dick's glamorous assistant, and the late Paul Fleming as Doctor Dick himself. The video features stunning shots of Bath and was filmed in a historic Georgian Chapel close to the town centre. The second video was 'The fish Song'. This was an animation starring Leslie Kidd as a mermaid and featuring Harry Godwin as man against fish. After years of murder and terror afflicted on fish on the high seas, heir mutilated bodies sold for cash in Fish and chip shops the world over, the fish finally strike back.'Boiled in a vat of burning fat- how do you think- they don't like that- they don't like that',one day they will have their revenge on the human race!,but probably not for quite a long time! Coming soon Ricky Raven's Christmas song 'Santa's lost his Sleigh' shortly to be released on Celadore Records and will be available on most digital platforms including Itunes, Spotify etc.



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